Targeting 8 Shabu Shabu Ximending restaurants, delicious, delicious, going to Taiwan must be hit

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Just knowing that I will go to tour Taiwan, my body feels like fighting with spiciness. The deliciousness of Taiwanese food because it is well known that If coming to Taiwan, in addition to having to arrange Street Food, you also have to arrange Shabu Shabu Hot Pot as well. But if you want to get a lively atmosphere, you have to go UFABET. Ximending is a famous shopping district in Taiwan. 

It is one of the most popular sources of fashion, clothing, food, utensils or souvenirs. It is considered one of the important landmarks of Taipei City. Eating lovers, get ready to go full. P’Hed Mushroom Travel gathers 8 Shabu Shabu Ximending restaurants, complete with a full set, delicious, so delicious that you have to give a thumbs up. Which one is delicious and worth it? Some worth the price Let’s see.

Targeting 8 Shabu Shabu Ximending restaurants, delicious, delicious, going to Taiwan must be hit

1. Mala Yuanyang Hot Pot (馬辣頂級麻辣鴛鴦火鍋)

Let’s start with the first restaurant, Mala Yuanyang Hot Pot or Mala Hot Pot, the most famous Shabu Ximending restaurant that Thai and Taiwanese tourists queue up to taste the deliciousness to their hearts. There are 9 branches in all. And this branch is open until 2 am!! Traveling until late at night can still be delicious. It is a buffet style with a full selection of food such as Angus beef, New Zealand lamb, sliced ​​pork, fresh seafood, plus a variety of soups to choose from. with special dipping sauce.

You can cook as you like. Drinks can be filled unlimitedly. And what is indispensable for dessert lovers is Movenpick and Haagen-Dazs ice cream with more than 10 flavors to choose from, as well as many desserts to choose from. It can be said that we eat each other until our belly bursts. Overall, the price is about NT$635 per head, which is worth it. Come in time when the shop opens each round so that you won’t have to wait in line for a long time.

How to get there: MRT Ximen Station, Exit 6, walk along the main road. At the first red light intersection, turn right. and walked straight along the path The shop will be on the right. You will see a red Mala Hot Pot shop sign. The shop is on the 2nd floor, on the upper floor of Wenting Hot Pot shop.

2.Xin Mala Hotpot (新馬辣經典麻辣鍋–昆明店)

Let’s continue with another Shabu Ximending restaurant, Xin Mala Hotpot, which is the same chain restaurant as Mala Yuanyang Hot Pot, but more luxurious and expensive. If anyone is a meat lover, I recommend that you must come and get it. because of premium grade meat soft tongue that melts in the mouth Unlimited full buffet with many flavors of soup to choose from.

There are also seafood dishes, drinks, and movenpick and Haagen-Dazs ice cream. But the only sticking point is that there are no fruits or desserts besides ice cream. The price is about NT$725 per head, which is not very expensive. It’s reasonable with premium grade ingredients like this. Meat lovers must not miss!

Transportation : MRT Ximen Station Exit 6, walk along the main road, pass Watsons, turn right at the second intersection. and keep walking straight Go through the intersection at Eslite and turn right at the next three-way intersection. The shop is on the left hand side on the 3rd floor.

3.Delectable Hot Pot Lab (食焱廠創意鍋物)

If anyone still doesn’t want to eat a lot in buffet style If you want to eat hot pot as a set, you must come to this restaurant and you will be addicted to Delectable Hot Pot Lab, the most creative Taiwanese shabu restaurant. that comes in the concept of a scientist’s laboratory The decoration of the shop is very cute. Feel like you’re entering a lab. If you want to sit in any corner, you can choose as you like. The hot pot sets here start at NT$218 only and come in a variety of flavors. 

Whether it’s a vegetable hot pot Vegetarians can be delicious, Taiwanese pot with authentic Taiwanese taste, Korean pot, Japanese pot , or Thai Tom Yum pot. Here is a place to try. As for sauces or beverages, you can choose according to your needs. I can say that it is another Shabu Ximending restaurant that you must try once. plus the price is cute It’s not expensive either.

How to get there: MRT Ximen Station Exit 1, then walk for about 5 minutes.