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History of handball

History of Handball Handball originated from Germany by Mr. Konrad Koch, a physical education teacher, but it was not very popular until 1904. Handball was developed in Europe and set up rules based on the rules of football which is a modification of football to play by hand


Thai football history world cup history

A popular sport in many countries in the world, has made many world-class football tournaments. Especially the World Cup, which is one of the most watched sports games in the world. I believe that many people already know the rules of football. Because watching football games often, but

dance lovers

History of dance, the sport of dance lovers

Sports style for dancing lovers that can be both fun and exercise. Because there are many different rhythms together which will have what rhythm. What is the history? Today we have information to leave. History           Ballroom Dance is a sport that focuses on the beauty


Athletics history, information and types of athletics

Talk about athletics. Many people may think of only running sports such as 100-meter running, hurdles, 4×100 relays, marathons, etc. But actually athletics consists of track and field athletics. Do you remember them all? Some of them are held in athletics. Let’s see ufabet . Athletics history

Sepak Takraw

muzzle history Asian regional sports

Do you wonder why Thai people like to play takraw? If you want to know, read the history of sepak takraw. Sepak Takraw is Thailand’s gold medal hopeful sport in regional sports. or Asia like the SEA Games and Asian Games for a long time And today we will

Volleyball History

Volleyball History

volleyball is another popular sport. with national competition and widely popular until being integrated into the curriculum of secondary education in many schools Many people would like to know more about volleyball for the fun of watching and cheering on this sport, right? Today, the dot com jar has information