fun swimming sport both happiness and good health

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The first water sport that everyone is well known for is swimming, which is one of the essential skills that must be learned and practiced from childhood. so parents Parents have to send their children to learn to swim. Because it is a basic skill in survival. If a water accident happens, at least one way can be reassuring. But enough to experience the sport of swimming You must feel that you are having so much fun that you don’t want to get out of the pool, especially for children. Therefore, it is a sport that can create both happiness and good health. And the weather is quite hot almost all year round. Therefore, it has become another option for best cooling off. And most importantly, this kind of sport has the opportunity to place bets in the present era.

Learn the basics of swimming Before being an athlete, what is ufabet important or not?

The fundamentals in every sport are very important. Swimming as well A good foundation is more than half the battle won. In addition, other factors must also be taken into account, whether it is physical condition. Are there any health problems? Do you have a disease? to play sports safely If there is a problem, consult a medical professional before playing sports. In terms of the fundamentals of swimming sports that athletes should practice are:

  • Practicing proper breathing To allow the lungs to work fully and to be able to swim effectively. It is a practice of breathing in and out. Begin by practicing on the edge of the pool. In shallow water, breathe in above the water surface. Take a deep breath and sit down in the water and exhale under the water. Until when his breath was almost exhausted, he emerged out of the water and breathed in again. Do it alternately to become familiar with the breathing system while swimming.
  • Practice hitting your feet in the water. If you can practice breathing fluently and become familiar with it, you will practice stretching your feet in the water together. in the face down in the water It should start from slow to fast leg hits.
  • Practicing buoyancy with leg strikes and breathing exercises. by using assistive devices such as foam or rubber rings because in the beginning, a helper is required. To prevent drowning and suffocation too often. Once your body is familiar with it, you can release the assistive device and practice your balance.
  • Practicing swimming in different postures such as Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, or Butterfly, which the difficulty – the ease of each posture will vary according to aptitude. but can practice every move Because the skill until becoming an athlete depends on the discipline of training.

What are the precautions for swimming training? for the safety of all athletes

Caution is given for people with respiratory health problems. especially the lungs and immune system Which may have germs mixed with the water in the swimming pool and get infected without knowing You should choose a pool that is regularly treated and kept clean. If you have fever, cough, chills, and muscle pain, you should see a doctor immediately. and another common symptom but not very dangerous If promptly corrected and treated is water in the outer ear. should be wiped off properly don’t leave Because inflammation may occur. If it spreads to the inner ear, it can be serious. The easiest way to do this is to put waterproof gear in your ears when swimming. done right Athletes can play swimming with fun and happiness every time.