Ghost tickets to watch the Manchester United game, the opening match of Cristiano Ronaldo’s second stadium, the price jumps to 113,000 baht per ticket.

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Tickets for Cristiano Ronaldo’s second match against Manchester United. In the Premier League home game against Newcastle United have skyrocketed online.

After the announcement of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United. Fans flocked to the website to book tickets at an unprecedented height. As a result, the official website selling tickets to visit. But because the demand is still very high.

As a result, it was revealed that the tickets the game were re-sold online. With prices up to 2,514 pounds each or about 113,000 baht for the cheapest seat price. This is advertising that the website has tickets for the game between Manchester United meet in New Castle on September 11 to reach up to 200 cards ever.