History of handball

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History of Handball

Handball originated from Germany by Mr. Konrad Koch, a physical education teacher, but it was not very popular until 1904. Handball was developed in Europe and set up rules based on the rules of football which is a modification of football to play by hand instead Originally used 11 players per team, but reduced to 7 per team instead because there are too many players, making it inconvenient to play. Then it gradually became widespread.

          In 1928, handball was demonstrated at the Olympic Games. And it was included as one of the national sports events in 1931 and was so popular that it was included in the sport of competition in the Olympics in . 1936 (1936), before the events of World War II until its popularity declined.

          Later in the year 2499 (1956) there was a new rules of handball. with the introduction of the rules of football and basketball mixed together To restore the popularity of handball back again. Nowadays, handball has become a popular sport all over the world.

Handball rules (abbreviated)

The playing field

          is rectangular, 40 meters long, 20 meters wide, with a line around the field and the goal area. The door must have a height of 2 meters and a width of 3 meters, located on both sides. The area around the golf course from the border of at least 1 meter wide and 2 meters away from the


          must be made of leather or synthetic material sphere. The skin is non-reflective and non-slip. For men, the ball must be 58-60 cm in circumference and weigh approximately 425-475 g. For women, the ball must be 54-56 cm in circumference and weigh approximately 325-400 g, and two match balls are required. can’t change the ball Unless there is a valid reason,

the player

          A team must send 12 players (including substitutes) and can enter the field of 7, namely 6 players, 1 goalkeeper, who can be substituted at any time. and can change back into the new field Players must wear a team jersey numbered 1-20 on the shirt, with the number size at least 20 centimeters high, at least 10 centimeters wide, and the color of the numbers contrasts with the shirt clearly. wear sports shoes And do not wear all kinds of jewelry.

How to play

–   Use your hands to throw, throw the ball, pass it on to the players in your own team. To throw the ball into the opponent’s goal

–   Do not touch the ball with the lower part of the body below the knee

–   Players can hold the ball in their hands for no more than 3 seconds

–   While holding the ball, they can take no more than 3 steps with their legs

–   Prohibited The player pulls the ball from the opponent’s hand.

–   Do not enter the opponent’s goal area.

–   The game takes 30 minutes per half, 10 minutes break, if extra time is added to 2 halves, 5 minutes each half.


          If the ball can be thrown into the opposing goal. It will be counted as 1 point per 1 time. If there is an own goal, the score will be lost to the opponent. At the end of time, whoever scores more goals wins. Get to know the history of handball. Let’s play sports with sportsmanship. And respect the rules too.