Interesting facts about badminton

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When asked about a sport that is very popular for Thai people. Anyone can play in a simple way, it is inevitable that badminton for sure. For badminton is a sport that is popular to the national level that has it all. If you are the one who is interested in badminton. Today we take a story about badminton to leave each other. How interesting will it be? must see together

Get to know badminton a bit.

Badminton is a very popular sport. The reason is because the device is not used very much. And most importantly, the price of the device is not too expensive. We can see that just having a racket and a shuttlecock can be fun playing badminton. This sport is a sport that can be played without getting tired. Suitable for people who do not like to overdo the sport until they feel exhausted and exhausted. Importantly, you can play at any age. Young and old can compete with each other.

Until it came to this day of badminton ufabet.

Badminton is a sport that is very difficult to trace its origins. however Historians have been able to find evidence that the sport was first played in Europe. and focus on England At the end of the 17th century, we can see evidence from many paintings in the past. This is a good indicator that European royal families have long enjoyed the sport.

The evidence about badminton is recorded in the year 1870, which recorded that the sport originated in India. in the city of Puna This is a small town not far from Bombay. At first, badminton was popularly played among the elite and military officers of India. Later, badminton was published to England. The reason this sport is so popular is because it resembles tennis. But it’s more convenient because it can be played in the building. even if it’s cold Or if it’s raining, it can be fun to play. Any country under British colonial rule bring this sport to play Until making badminton widely spread ever.

Badminton with Thai people

For Thailand, there was the entry of badminton in 1913 by playing in the homes of the nobility, either in the royal court or in the palace. In the early days, badminton was played in teams of three people, and later started playing solo. and some mixed doubles Badminton is now included in the physical education curriculum. for students to practice competing with each other as well It can be classified as a sport that enhances the fun. sweat very well

If you are one of those who love this sport. It’s best to warm up before training. You should also choose a quality racquet. good shuttlecock It will definitely make your badminton game more fun. Maybe in the future you might even go as far as to become a professional badminton player.