Maurizio Sarri says working with Cristiano Ronaldo was the hardest part of his life

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Former Juventus boss Maurizio Sarri has revealed that working with Cristiano Ronaldo was very difficult. Because the player has various benefits, the follow-up room is full, as reported by on July 7, 2021.

For players ages 62 carat worked through square ball with Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo in the 2019-20 season, when he oversaw Juventus. And even though he won the Scudetto, he was still stripped of his position. because of the style of play that the fans are not very pleased with

        Maurizio Sarri said: “I would say working with Ronaldo was not easy. because he is not a normal footballer But it’s more like a big company moving on a football field.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

        “I’ve always said that I’m a football coach. I’m not a manager Because of that, I’m not very good at working with him. I like to focus more on the game on the pitch. but anyway He’s really cool because he can always bring good results to the team.”

        “He’s a player with a lot of image involved. have many followers I think sometimes he looks bigger than the club he plays for. And I think it’s hard work. I prefer working with footballers rather than interest companies.”

        The Portugal captain, Maurizio Sarri, made 46 appearances in a season and scored 37 goals, CR7’s tally of a season for Juventus since his move. From Real Madrid

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