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Do you wonder why Thai people like to play takraw? If you want to know, read the history of sepak takraw. Sepak Takraw is Thailand’s gold medal hopeful sport in regional sports. or Asia like the SEA Games and Asian Games for a long time And today we will get to know the rules of playing takraw roughly.


History of Sepak Takraw

          Sepak takraw or sepak takraw has no clear evidence that it originated in any country. Because countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Philippines all say that they are the origins. But for Thai, it beginnings since the Ayutthaya period. Popular to play on the courtyard Unlimited number of players and the takraw ball is made of rattan or sometimes. There is a sepak takraw through the hoop.

          For today’s cross-mesh muzzle. There are 3 players on each side, brought from Malaysia, Sepak Raga Jaring or Sepak Takraw, which is adapted from volleyball. and shrink the field Which began to be published in Thailand around March – April 1965 in the Thai sport .


muzzle history  Asian regional sports

          Stadium Sepak Takraw Stadium It is rectangular shape, 13.4 meters long, 6.1 meters wide, is a plastic floor. The boundary is divided into two equal parts, and in each boundary there are three starting points for the service to be established: two points at the corners adjacent to the net, a circle curve is drawn. and the point in the middle of the border Indent to the back 1 point, draw a circle line. These 3 points are arranged in a symmetrical triangle. For the corner adjacent to the net, two points are called left face, right face and the circle in the middle of the boundary is the serving point.


The net will be separated from the two territories. Made of rope or nylon material. The height of the net at the center is 1.52 m for male athletes (1.42 m for female athletes), and the height at the anchor posts is 1.55 m for male athletes (1.45 m for female athletes). Width 70 centimeters and length not less than 6.1 meters.


         There are two types of takraw playing: Normal takraw with 3 people and double takraw 2 people. In the past, there were only normal takraw competitions, but double takraw was added because it wanted to distribute more gold medals of this sport.

muzzle history  Asian regional sports

How to play

One side will start serving. Kick over to the other side where the side that receives the takraw ball must try to kick the takraw to fall to the floor of the other side while the defenders must defend not allowing the takraw ball to fall on its own territory And change the state to attack to make the takraw ball fall on the other side’s border as well. However, each side will have the opportunity to kick the takraw ball in their own field no more than 3 times since the opposing side kicks the takraw over. Serving part Take turns serving 3 times per team, alternating continuously.


          1. Able to kick a takraw ball onto the opposing court for 1 point (including serving)

          2. The opposing team does not cross the net, earns 1 point. (including serving)

          3. The opposing team has kicked over the border. but the ball does not fall within the specified boundary, gets 1 point

The match is divided into 3 out of 5 sets. Each set who reaches 15 points first is the winner, unless both teams are tied 14-14 but the total maximum points will not exceed 17 points.

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