Pjanic believes Barcelona will return to perform well again.

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Barcelona have lost two key players in the last transfer market – Lionel Messi. Antoine Griezmann – the absence of Lionel Messi. Causing Barcelona to lose a leader in the attack immediately. Lionel Messi being almost everything to Barcelona. ​​But due to financial problems, Barcelona had to let Lione go. Messi left the team. It was Paris Saint Germain decided to bring Lionel Messi to the team for free.

Despite Barcelona having a very good start to the season. After the international break ended. Barcelona never managed to regain their form with a win. Only one match from all 6 matches. Including all items, and also missed 3 defeats, divided into 2 UEFA Champions League matches and 1 Spanish La Liga match, causing the situation of Barcelona to enter. The crisis spreads to Ronald Koeman is constantly on the lookout for being fired.

Which Miralem Pjanic is confident Barcelona will return to perform well again. But Barcelona still need time to include leadership within the team. Miralem Pjanic said in an interview: Barcelona will definitely go through a tough time. The unfavorable result puts all the players under a lot of pressure. Barcelona need a leader who can bring the team back to their best. Great again but everything takes time plus. Barcelona are known as one of the best teams in the world. They will definitely come back.”