Roy Keane messed up 2 England stars, how did Bukayo Saka take a penalty?

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Roy Keane, famous football guru Came out on the side of Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling, who let Bukayo Saka come out to shoot the penalty first, despite both of them having more experience with the ball table, according to reports. On July 12, 2021

        After England were just runners-up at Euro 2020 after losing to Italy on penalties. Which the last person who acts but can’t shoot is Bukayo Saka, a 19-year-old rising star, in which Aunt Keane thinks that seniors like Sterling and Grealish can’t do it right.

        Roy Keane ufabet said: “Of course Sterling and Grealish can’t do that. when you are a senior But how could he let the little boy walk out and do such a great role first? If it were me, of course, I don’t care what anyone says. But I have to go out and shoot first.”

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        “I don’t understand how we do it. that let a 19-year-old walk out with a timid expression, as if he wasn’t confident. And then I just stood and watched from there. It’s not at all because you have more experience How many seasons have you played in?”

        “I think that when that time comes, someone will have to walk over and tell Saka, ‘You don’t have to, I’ll go out and shoot for you. I don’t know what will happen next for Saka. Would he be able to accept this at this age?”

        Bukayo Saka is England’s last player. Who went to shoot the last penalty point, pointed to death, but was saved by Donnarumma, resulting in the roaring lion warlord to be defeated painfully.