Running is the ultimate sport of mankind.

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When it comes to running, I believe that no one knows this sport. Of course, it was the first sport that all humans ever played. Plus it’s the first sport that you choose to bet on. Running races to earn money with friends as a child, running is still the basis of all athletes. It is the lowest cost sport. The format can be adapted to suit the needs of players of all ages, all races, able to play this ufabet sport without any restrictions, even where to run. running time Everything can be set by yourself.

Shot of a young handsome man running outdoors

What health goals can I set from running?

When you run, there must be a goal. But each person’s running goals vary depending on the context. What are the guidelines for setting goals from running?

1. to lose weight It’s the first goal people use to motivate themselves to run. Because it is a sport that does not have a high cost. Players can use it as a way to lose weight without worrying about the cost at all. But running to lose weight needs to be done in conjunction with diet control. For effective weight loss, it’s important to use more energy from running than to get energy from eating steadily and consistently.

2. to tighten the shape This goal is also a popular goal to set for inspiration. Running can be set to the degree of intensity according to needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that we will always see healthy people turning to running in order to tighten their own body. Running to get in shape requires more systematic running than running for weight loss. Because you need to know that running the right distance. at the right time With a running speed that is not too much will help keep your shape. Including doing it in parallel with other types of management

3. to strengthen muscles Running goals to build muscle are goals for intermediate to professional athletes who know what muscles can be stimulated by running. Then plan a patterned run but focus on running at medium to high speeds. Running distances are usually short to medium distances.

4. For physical therapy People with symptoms of injury Or patients who are advised to exercise often choose to use running in physical therapy because it is a sport that can determine the time and place to run.

before deciding to run Do you know what the difficulty of running is?

Although it is an easy sport to start playing, every sport has its own difficulty. Running sports are the same. Choosing clothes for running Including shoes, it’s easy to find information and choose. The timing and location are not difficult to choose. But the difficulty of running lies in the first step you decide. Many people are determined to run towards their goals. But in the end, he lost with the first step that he had to start running. What can you do to win your heart? One way is to find inspiration from those who run. find a friend to run And finally, he gritted his teeth and took the first step. Would you rather run for exercise or physical therapy?