Take part in the decision! Gerrard admits to having to sign players have not been vaccinated to the team

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Astal Villa manager Steven Gerrard has revealed that he will be thoroughly considering signing new players have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The current epidemic of the COVID-19 virus in england Still in a situation to watch out for with Steven Gerrard very alert about this. Revealing that Players that he will sign to join the team UFABET must have completed 2 vaccinations. If not vaccinated. He will consider thoroughly before signing to join the army.

Asal Villa manager Gerrard 41 is worried about the coronavirus pandemic. Two of his players have tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of Tuesday’s game against Norwich City. He said he would take the matter up for discussion. Team board He wants all of his team’s players to receive two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. As well as adding that next month’s squad will have a thorough check of their players’ vaccination history.

“We have to be more thorough about strengthening our players. And we will consider this in detail. I’m sure it will happen. Of course, it will have to talk to the board of directors. We will do it step by step. And I think there should be some discussion between the club’s representatives and the Premier League.”

Things have changed. There will be more testing for COVID-19 in the future. due to the continuous increase of infection While we have to travel to meet each other all the time. everyone must be ready This COVID situation seems to be getting more and more intense. instead of going in a better direction.

“Everyone has already received the notification and guidelines. we have to protect ourselves Our family and others too We must follow the instructions closely.”