Tony reveals Tuchel was right about cutting Lukaku’s name off

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Former Fiorentina forward Luca Toni has revealed that Thomas Tuchel made the mistake of cutting Romelu Lukaku’s name from the team in the latest match after he said he wanted to return to Inter Milan. Despite deciding to part ways with Inter Milan by himself

It seems that Romelu Lukaku’s interview will have a huge impact on the club. Since he was not listed in the starting XI in the latest match against Liverpool. It is likely to part ways with Chelsea quickly as well. Because the criticism of the manager’s game plan like Thomas Tuchel through the media like this should create a lot of dissatisfaction with Thomas Tuchel, including all the staff and every player in the team. Who now no longer trusts and trusts Romelu Lukaku

As for the team that Romelu Lukaku spoke to, Inter Milan did not have enough money to bring Romelu Lukaku back due to financial problems and Inter Milan fans cursed Romelu Lu. Although neither side wanted to leave the club. But Romelu Lukaku wanted to return to Chelsea wanted to prove himself once again good enough to play. With the top teams in the English Premier League because they had failed with Manchester United before

In which Luca Toni has lauded Thomas Tuchel’s decision to cut Romelu Lukaku’s name from the team in the latest match after a bad interview with Chelsea, Luca Toni said in an interview that Romelu Lukaku should have said this personally rather than in a media interview like this and it shows that Romelu Lukaku has no respect for Chelsea at all and that no one has put pressure on Romelu. Lukaku also parted ways with Inter. So Thomas Tuchel made the right move for not putting him on the pitch