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Cristiano Ronaldo

Ghost tickets to watch the Manchester United game, the opening match of Cristiano Ronaldo’s second stadium, the price jumps to 113,000 baht per ticket.

Tickets for Cristiano Ronaldo’s second match against Manchester United. In the Premier League home game against Newcastle United have skyrocketed online. After the announcement of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United. Fans flocked to the website to book tickets at an unprecedented height. As a result, the official website selling tickets to visit. But because the demand is still very high.

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports, Accuracy Showdown

Shooting sports was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1968 in Mexico. The competition in those days was not separated from men and women. Both genders can compete for a single medal. It is a competition that is decided with equality. In that era, the men were always


Than being a gymnast. who has more than a beautiful style

all sports To master the game requires regular practice and strict discipline. especially gymnastics This is one of the most skilled sports. If you choose to play, then you have to put in extra effort. because the body is strong Flexibility training is very important. Most will see the training of athletes


History of handball

History of Handball Handball originated from Germany by Mr. Konrad Koch, a physical education teacher, but it was not very popular until 1904. Handball was developed in Europe and set up rules based on the rules of football which is a modification of football to play by hand

dance lovers

History of dance, the sport of dance lovers

Sports style for dancing lovers that can be both fun and exercise. Because there are many different rhythms together which will have what rhythm. What is the history? Today we have information to leave. History           Ballroom Dance is a sport that focuses on the beauty