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Tony reveals Tuchel was right about cutting Lukaku's name off

Tony reveals Tuchel was right about cutting Lukaku’s name off

Former Fiorentina forward Luca Toni has revealed that Thomas Tuchel made the mistake of cutting Romelu Lukaku’s name from the team in the latest match after he said he wanted to return to Inter Milan. Despite deciding to part ways with Inter Milan by himself

Pjanic believes Barcelona will return to perform well again.

Pjanic believes Barcelona will return to perform well again.

Barcelona have lost two key players in the last transfer market – Lionel Messi. Antoine Griezmann – the absence of Lionel Messi. Causing Barcelona to lose a leader in the attack immediately. Lionel Messi being almost everything to Barcelona. ​​But due to financial problems, Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ghost tickets to watch the Manchester United game, the opening match of Cristiano Ronaldo’s second stadium, the price jumps to 113,000 baht per ticket.

Tickets for Cristiano Ronaldo’s second match against Manchester United. In the Premier League home game against Newcastle United have skyrocketed online. After the announcement of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United. Fans flocked to the website to book tickets at an unprecedented height. As a result, the official website selling tickets to visit. But because the demand is still very high.

No flips! "Romero" flew straight from London to join Spurs.

No flips! “Romero” flew straight from London to join Spurs.

Christian Romero defender of the Argentina national team Confirmed to sign a contract to move to football with Spurs. Spurs are need of a new central defender following the departure of Toby Alderweireld. They have been monitoring Romero’s transfer situation since the start of the Copa


FreeRunning challenges the limitations of running.

Considered to be another extreme sport that is quite popular in Europe with FreeRunning, FreeRunning is a form of running that seeks to overcome all kinds of running paths with a high level of skill and physical performance. than other types of running This run focuses


Running is the ultimate sport of mankind.

When it comes to running, I believe that no one knows this sport. Of course, it was the first sport that all humans ever played. Plus it’s the first sport that you choose to bet on. Running races to earn money with friends as a child, running is

basketball player

I want to be a good basketball player. Must have shoes

One of the world’s most popular sports that many people like to bet on. No one knows the sport of basketball. The charm of playing tricks Fierce NBA players causing a number of amateur athletes to turn their attention to learning to play more When playing at the beginning of

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports, Accuracy Showdown

Shooting sports was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1968 in Mexico. The competition in those days was not separated from men and women. Both genders can compete for a single medal. It is a competition that is decided with equality. In that era, the men were always