Supattra Land Open fruit buffet today Eat unlimited durian for a price of hundreds!

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On April 1, at Supattra Land, Nong Lalok Subdistrict, Bankai District, Rayong Province. There is a fruit buffet. A source of learning, viewing and tasting, full of quality, traveling all year round. Has opened the fruit season in 2023 for tourists to visit and eat fresh fruits from the orchard. Especially quality durian. There are both Mon Thong, Kan Yao and Chani varieties, starting to open the fruit buffet for the first time April 1. Under the management of Ms. Suttini Fahpratanchai, the executive and Mr. Chotichai Buadit, the manager.  

Supattra Land Open fruit buffet today Eat unlimited durian for a price of hundreds!

Mr. Chotichai Buadit, manager of Supatra Land Park, said that Supatra Land Park Tourist park, an area of ​​800 rai. Open for tourists to visit and enjoy Fruit buffet, 690 baht per person , with a garden tour program Start from taking a tram to see the orchard. Experience the lifestyle of fruit farmers Visit durian, longkong, mangosteen, rambutan plantations with a tour guide Fresh fruits can be picked from the tree and there is a point for tourists to eat durian buffet to their heart’s content. There are various kinds of seasonal fruits such as rambutan, mangosteen, mango, salak, longkong, watermelon, etc.

There are also food to eat as well, such as Thai papaya salad, hydroponic vegetable salad. Pork Sticky Rice – Grilled Chicken meatballs standing and eating Watch a beekeeping demonstration and visit the Thai Traditional Medicine Center learn about herbs tasting herbal drink. There is also a healthy coffee cafe with a shady atmosphere by the canal. The beauty of the great waterfall Visit the caves with colorful lights Drink beverages that focus on health care. Produced from organic vegetables grown in the garden, such as kale juice, honey and lemon, 50 baht per glass, and various flavors of cakes such as orange cake, mango, taro, fashion fruit, etc. 

which tourists want Book a fruit buffet Can be reserved at the website. The price is 650 baht per head. Come to buy at the front of the garden, the price is 690 baht per head

If you don’t want to eat buffet You can buy tickets for a ride in the park. An area of ​​800 rai at a price of 120 baht, or you can sit and drink, take pictures and eat delicious food at the coffee shop you can use the service without having to buy a ticket.  

Mr. Chotichai also said that Rayong Province promotes the subject of “eat durian before anyone else has to go to Rayong” by focusing on tourists to experience the farmer’s way of life. And come to eat fresh fruit at the garden. I want you to come and see how good the quality is. which will make tourists impress Importantly, the opening of a tourist park will have a positive effect on tourism in the area

In addition to eating quality durian It also helps to pull other fruits. to have a higher price as well Because tourists can eat many fruits as well. As for the tourism problem that is currently encountered Some gardens still do not dare to open because durian prices are still high. But Suphattra Land Garden needs to open even at a loss. It opened because it wanted to attract foreign tourists to travel in the UFABET area. This will affect the tourism of Rayong as a whole.