How to choose salmon fillets get the full benefit ready to be delicious

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Just talking about benefit salmon fillets. saliva flowed Because salmon meat is a fish that many people people who like to cook. Because it can be eaten both cooked and raw. As you know there are different grades of salmon meat. And, of course, the price UFABET of high-grade salmon is often high. But we will be able to eat salmon meat that is fresh, clean, uncontaminated. Let’s see how to choose salmon meat to be delicious.

How to choose salmon fillets get the full benefit ready to be deliciousc

1.Consider quality salmon meat should be packed in a vacuum bag. Frozen at -20 °C for at least 7 days or frozen at -35 °C for at least 12 hours.

Characteristics of salmon meat are red-orange or soft orange with clear patterns. meat looks juicy not dark orange color

3. Avoid buying salmon that is mushy and not firm, which are usually old fish that have been stored for several days. If used to cook, it usually has a bad taste.

4. There is a clear display of production and expiration dates.

5. If you want to eat salmon meat raw, you should avoid eating salmon that is not vacuum-packed. Because those salmon meat are easy to get infected with disease. Including salmon meat placed on ice

6. Helps in weight control

        protein source in salmon can help increase metabolism even better Suitable for anyone who is in a weight control period. In addition, the protein in salmon Can also control appetite Because in salmon there is protein that is difficult to digest. make you feel full longer Including helping to increase blood flow and helps reduce fat accumulation as well