Volleyball History

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volleyball is another popular sport. with national competition and widely popular until being integrated into the curriculum of secondary education in many schools Many people would like to know more about volleyball for the fun of watching and cheering on this sport, right? Today, the dot com jar has information about volleyball for you.

Volleyball History

          Volleyball was born in 1895 by  Mr.  William G. Morgan (William G. Morgan), Director of Physical Education of the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian) Association. Association) United States who want to have sports for winter instead of outdoor sports to exercise and relax when it snows 

          By Mr. William G. Morgan came up with the idea of ​​developing volleyball. while he was watching tennis and choose to bring out the net in the middle of the tennis court as part of the sport he invented and choose a basketball inner tube Become a ball used to hit each other back and forth. But the basketball inner tube is too light. So switched to basketball instead. The basketball is too big and too heavy. He therefore ordered a new ball specially made. In size 25-27 inches in circumference and weighted at 8-12 ounces,  then the name of this sport is

          Mintonette (Mintonette). Volleyball) after being advised by  Professor Alfred T. Halstead. (Professor Alfred T. Helstead) at the Physical Education Leaders Symposium at Springfield College. (Spring-field College) in 1896 and became a popular sport among the American people. until spreading all over the world Including being updated and developed periodically.

volleyball rules,The playing field

          – must be a wooden or concrete floor with a smooth appearance. No obstacles

          – rectangular shape, width 9 meters, length 18 meters, height from the ground about 7 meters with the surrounding area about 3 meters from the field

          – but if it is an international standard field Prescribed that the field perimeter is approximately 5 meters from the field, 8 meters behind the court and 12.5 meters high.

          – Boundary lines, all lines must be 5 centimeters wide, with a light color contrasting with the court ground. clearly visible

          – the boundary line (Center line) in the middle of the field must be under the net Or post match fit mesh


          – will have a height of 2.43 meters wide and 1 meter length of 9.5 – 10 m

          – 10 cm wide mesh table in the middle of the field next to a post.

          – The net for the women’s team is 2.24 meters high.

History  volleyball


          – spherical with a circumference of 65-67 cm, weight 260-280 g

          – made of pliable synthetic leather

          – which in world competitions use 3 balls per match. For continuity if the ball goes out of field


          – the team must not exceed 12 players – 1 coach, 1 assistant coach, 1 trainer and 1 doctor

          – players may play on the field once. 6 people each, divided into 3 in front of the net and 3 in the back

          – can change as many players at a time by the original player that was replaced can switch back to play in the field again

          – Dressing in a competitive outfit The team must be dressed the same, comprising a collared shirt, shorts, socks and rubber sole sneakers without a heel. Each player must affix a number on the shirt. Numbers 1-18 are required only. Team Leaders must have a 8x2cm strip of fabric placed under the number on the chest area.

How to play

          – the team that has served Must be a player in the position on the right back. Be the server to open the game. The players in all positions will then move their positions in a clockwise rotation

          – the service must wait for the whistle to be heard. And to start serving the ball within 5 seconds

          – The team that scores the score will serve. Until the point is lost to the opponent to change the service.

          – When the ball enters the team’s boundary. The ball can only be played a maximum of 3 times

          – can block the ball from the opponent in front of the net. If players advanced into the opponent will be challenges

          – can request time off at 2-to-1, set a time of 30 seconds

          – the time the match ended 1 set has to be changed the

thinking score.

          – A team scores a point when the ball lands in the opponent’s field. by counting as 1 point per child and if there is a loss of points The team that scores the score must be replaced

          – if the team reaches 25 points first, it will be the winner of the set. But if the score is tied at 24-24, there must be a deuce (Deuce) means having to score 2 points more than the other party to win, such as 26-24 or 27-25, etc.

          – Must compete to win 3 out of 5 sets will be the winner of that game.

          And here’s an overview of volleyball. Once you know this sport Do not forget to understand the rules of competition etiquette. and play sports with sportsmanship as well