10 ways to maintain strong bones that menopausal women should not overlook.

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There are many reasons why women ‘s bones begin to develop problems after menopause or menopause. Especially the bones are not strong. Whether it is in terms of age, genetics, smoking, drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages , not exercising. Receiving steroid medication for more than 3 months or even not consuming enough calcium These are all reasons why women’s bones during menopause are not strong. Today we have gathered together 10 ways to help maintain strong bones. Especially for menopausal women, let’s share it with you.

10 ways to maintain strong bones that menopausal women should not overlook.

1. Get enough calcium
Women who are in the menopausal period or are over 50 years old, must consume approximately 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day. It is recommended to eat foods high in calcium such as green leafy vegetables and dairy products.

2. Get enough vitamin D
This is because vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and be able to use it more. Therefore, women in menopause should get enough vitamin D, or about 600-800 IU per day. It is recommended to eat foods high in vitamin D, such as egg yolks and fatty fish.

3. Eat a balanced diet.
Eating a balanced diet also helps strengthen the bones of women during menopause. Therefore, it is recommended to eat the most appropriate or balanced daily diet. It is recommended to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein foods. Which is a food that helps nourish bones to be strong.

4. Regularly exercise.
Exercises suitable for menopausal women Regular weight-bearing exercise such as jogging, walking, or yoga must be emphasized. This is a form of exercise that helps maintain strong bones.

5. Limit your alcohol intake.
Of course, drinking alcohol inevitably has a negative effect on the body, especially the bones. Therefore, it is recommended that menopausal women limit their alcohol intake. To prevent negative effects on bone density. Importantly, it also reduces the risk of falls when intoxicated.

6. Reduce caffeine
because caffeine is involved in blocking the absorption of calcium in the body. Therefore, it is recommended that women undergoing menopause reduce their intake of caffeinated beverages. It’s best to limit drinking to 2 glasses per day.

7.Quit smoking
Reasons why postmenopausal women should quit smoking Because the study found that woman who smokes Women who do not smoke are more likely to have osteoporosis than women who do not smoke.

8. Manage stress
Stress can also cause negative effects on bones. Chronic stress, in particular, has a high chance of causing the bones to be affected. Therefore, it is recommended to manage daily stress well. You can do various activities. that relieves stress often

9. Hormone therapy
Using hormone therapy It can help maintain bone density in some women. But using this method to maintain strong bones during menopause You must always go through consultation and dietary planning from a medical professional first.

10. Get a bone exam.
Over the age of 50, every woman should have a bone density test. Or what we call Bone Mineral Density every 2 years

For women who are in menopause In addition to giving importance to taking care of yourself to escape the symptoms of menopause. Emphasis should be placed on maintaining bone strength as well. Because at this https://ufabet999.com age the chance of having osteoporosis problems is very high.