Go see! 5 important factors that cause acne Even after entering menopause

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It’s still understandable that acne appears during menstruation. But having acne even though you’re in menopause almost makes many of us women secretly confused and suspicious. Don’t worry. Because acne occurs during menopause. It is considered a normal occurrence. Today we will invite you to know about 5 important factors that cause acne to break out even after menopause. Let’s share it with you. In order to be able to take care of yourself and avoid these factors in time. The main factors that cause acne during menopause are as follows ufabet https://ufabet999.com:

Go see! 5 important factors that cause acne Even after entering menopause

1.Hormonal fluctuations
Acne is more common in adults or menopause. Which is not only common in teenagers only. This is because when the body does not balance the levels of androgen hormones which are higher than estrogen hormones in postmenopausal women. It will cause a lot of excess oil to be produced on the face. Causes clogging of pores. Along with a mixture of oil and skin cells or bacteria. Until causing inflammation and resulting in whiteheads or blackheads.

2.High blood sugar levels
The reason why high blood sugar levels cause acne during menopause is An observational study was conducted. From the publication of the National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information United States The participants were approximately 80,000 children, teenagers and adults and found a link between dairy products and foods with high sugar levels. that results in a rapid and acute increase in blood sugar levels It can lead to acne, no matter what age you are.

3. Not getting enough rest
When the body enters menopause But still have the habit of not getting enough sleep. This inevitably results in balancing hormones to start the morning not as well as it should be. And that is what can cause acne to flare up even after menopause.

4. Stress occurs.
Stress contributes to the production of stress hormones. Or what we call the hormone cortisol. which is a hormone that comes from the adrenal gland It is a hormone that creates fluctuations. It stimulates a large amount of excess fat on the face and back. And that increases the chance of facial and back skin having acne that can clog pores.

5. Cosmetics and hair care products
Regularly used cosmetics and hair care products can also contribute to acne during menopause. Especially products or cosmetics that contain oil ingredients. There is a chance of increasing the risk of acne. Therefore, you should observe changes in your facial skin after using cosmetics or products frequently. If acne occurs, you should stop using it immediately. Then turn to using products that are suitable for your own skin.

Although the problem of acne is a nuisance, and often makes one lose confidence But if you know the various causes that causes acne Not only does acne occur during menopause. It will help you prevent and avoid the causes of acne quickly. This will help reduce a lot of anxiety.