James reveals Bielsa training is something new

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Leeds United’s Welsh winger Daniel James has revealed Marcelo Bielsa’s training was something new for him because it was something he hadn’t seen before at Manches. Ter United as well

Leeds United have struggled to bring in Daniel James has had an excellent performance at Swansea City. It has been pictured holding up a shirt. But a series of issues led Daniel James to miss out on opportunities. Will move to Leeds United unfortunately. Before it was Manchester United that attracted Daniel James to join the team successfully. The expectation that he will become the main character of the ยูฟ่าเบท team in the future. The opening match results Daniel James’s are very satisfying.

But after that, Daniel James never called his good form back. Until he was reduced to a role only as a substitute. It was Leeds United brought Daniel James to join the team successfully. Going Leeds United helped Daniel James cement his place. In the Leeds United starting XI with excellent on-field performances despite being moved to a central striker. But Daniel’s performance on the pitch. James remains satisfied. Daniel James is happy with Leeds United.

In which Daniel James admits that Marcelo Bielsa’s training plans are different from what he had previously been at Manchester United. According to Daniel James. The details of Marcelo Bielsa’s training sessions are numerous and something. I have never seen before but it is a new experience for me as well Marcelo Bielsa.