Sancho accepts Pulisic, leading him to move to Dortmund

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Manchester United right-wing Jadon Sancho has revealed that Christian Pulisic played an important role in his decision to move to Borussia Dortmund before his success. Moved to Manchester United

To be honest, Jadon Sancho’s performance since his youth career at Manchester City is excellent. But the opportunity to squeeze into the main character of Manchester City‘s first. Team is not an easy task at all. Little made Jadon Sancho decide to part ways with Manchester City in order to have a chance to play for the high-level stage. It was Borussia Dortmund who brought in Jadon Sancho to join the team. Which resulted. Jadon Sancho’s work is excellent.

Causing Jadon Sancho to get the attention of many leading teams in Europe. Especially Manchester United tried to bring Jadon Sancho to join the team. Although initially Borussia Dortmund And will confirm clearly that Jadon Sancho will not be released from the team decisively. But with a very interesting offer, Manchester United has successfully drawn Jadon Sancho to join the UFABET team. Which Jadon Sancho has revealed that Christian Pulisic helped him decide on a move to Borussia Dortmund.

“Borussia Dortmund have been following my form for a long time and they have already submitted an offer to consider even with Christian Pulisic in the team and me. Excited to see Christian Pulisic on the pitch and personally I think he will become a mainstay of Borussia Dortmund like Christian Pulisic before I can succeed. with the opportunity the team has given me.