Liverpool battling Arsenal over Portugal national team

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Liverpool are reportedly interestedin Renato Sanchesand are ready to enter talks with Lilleover apotential move. But Arsenal are also ready to compete in this deal, according to on July 5, 2021.

        For Renato Sanches had been a target for Liverpool a long time ago. Since the period referred to as a loan to play for Swansea. But at that time, the players were still very inexperienced. And can not report the occurrence of the Bayern has been successful as well.

Renato Sanchez

        The latest report out so much that the Reds need to show clearly that interested in football after a 23-year-old trader form a square ball of the tournament Euro 2020 it has been fantastic. And ready to negotiate with the agency of Sanchez as well.

        In addition to Liverpool, Arsenal are also among the teams that want the Portuguese midfielder’s signature. But the player has a contract for another two years with Lille. If moving the team now, the cost must not be less than 30 million pounds, of course.

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News photo: AFP