Things You Might Not Know About Ballet

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When it comes to sports that are interesting and outstanding and elegant, many people will surely think of ballet. I must say that ballet is a sport that creates a great grace for the players. If you are one of those who want to know more about ballet. Today we have for you.

The origin of ballet

Many people wonder where this elegant sport came from. For the origin of this sport It is a sport that originated in Russia in 1714 with the first theater built in St Petersburg. Built in the palace of Princess Natalia who liked to perform 16 years later, there was a singing opera during the reign of Queen Anna. It is a show that has gained a great reputation. The highlight of this ballet show is that it never stops. Later a theater was built. Architect Antonio Rinaldi built a stone theater called Ball Soi. Capacity up to three thousand viewers. This school has produced both composers. Famous musicians of Russia

In addition to the creation of an art school A new theater is also being built across the street. and built in a beautiful style There are seats of semicircular rows. and bowed towards the stage 

Swan Lake, a famous show

Many people have probably heard of the Swan Lake Ballet. The Swan Lake is a scene from a German fairy tale. The performance of this show is still very imperfect. This made it not as successful as it should be, with Lev Lvanov and Marius Petipa choreographing the choreography again.

Ballet in Thailand

ballet in Thailand Popular among the elite which wealthy people often send their children to learn ballet and in addition to having ballet lessons There is also a ballet show that is popular with audiences. Most of the ballet shows are performed from Russia. The most popular show is Firebird, a folk tale from Russia. Synopsis of Prince Ivan a fire catcher Using fur that protects the prince from enemies, The Rite of Spring is about a man who saves a woman from his lover by worshiping the sun. Both of these stories are written by Igor Stravinsky.

Many people who have read the story of the ballet. Would you agree that ballet is a sport with a long history? And it is a sport that is extremely elegant.