Than being a gymnast. who has more than a beautiful style

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all sports To master the game requires regular practice and strict discipline. especially gymnastics This is one of the most skilled sports. If you choose to play, then you have to put in extra effort. because the body is strong Flexibility training is very important. Most will see the training of athletes from childhood. Before stepping into the real field of competition, it takes a reasonable amount of time. In addition, the athlete must have agility training. The agility to use a wide variety of different types of equipment. To achieve the ultimate dream is to participate in the field of competition with fellow athletes. and also to prove their own abilities and limitations, whether losing or winning, they can bring advantages and disadvantages from the field to develop their skills further

gymnastics equipment Add a degree to being number one.

There are various types of gymnastics equipment. In order to increase the degree of skill in playing athletes. Most of the athletes will train with all types of equipment, but will choose the type that they are most skilled in to enhance their strengths and add different rhythms. The equipment is divided according to the types of gymnastics as follows.

1. International gymnastics Athletes are both male and female. The equipment for male athletes are horizontal bars, parallel bars, floor exercises, rings, pommel horses, and long horses. Female athletes include Uneven bers, Balance bars, Floor exercises and Vaulting horses to suit the different physiques of men and women.

2. Rhythmic gymnastics sports performed by athletes are only female. by showing style on a flat surface or Floor Exersize moving with background music The essential equipment for playing are colorful balls, hoops, ribbons, hoops of different sizes and ropes, etc.

As for the competition, there are both individual shows. Doubles and team competitions with judges scoring according to the beauty of posture As an athlete’s strength is the key, training is the most important aspect of becoming the number one player in all gymnastics. And there are good helpers such as equipment that increases the degree of ability for athletes in another way.

Benefits from playing gymnastics

There are many benefits that come from choosing a gymnastics sport. In addition to the body It also includes psychological benefits. Intellectually and socially as well.

– The body makes the body strong. have agility The shape is proportional, especially the girls will have a beautiful shape.

– Mental, gymnastics practice patience, try to have the courage to make decisions under self-confidence. Be a more careful person

– Intellectually able to develop analytical thinking and problem solving mindful and meditative

– Social, make a good group of friends and society Knowing love and unity, knowing losing, knowing winning and knowing how to forgive each other.