FreeRunning challenges the limitations of running.

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Considered to be another extreme sport that is quite popular in Europe with FreeRunning, FreeRunning is a form of running that seeks to overcome all kinds of running paths with a high level of skill and physical performance. than other types of running This run focuses on crossing obstacles. Crossing buildings, climbing, jumping, which use a lot of strength. For professional players it may be necessary to combine skills in other sports such as gymnastics.

How to practice FreeRunning for fast results and not injured

Because this sport is a sport that uses very high physical performance. Athletes need to focus on these three areas of training strictly. Otherwise, training injuries may occur easily.

1. Warming up the body Basically, it starts with a light to moderate warm-up to keep all muscles active. This warm-up run takes about 5 minutes, and then it works the seven joints of the body: the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees, and ankles. The point to be careful is that the knees should not be rotated but used. shortening and stretching instead Because in the long run, knee rotation can cause loose knee joints. Joint manipulation takes about half a minute each. And lastly, the warm-up is dynamics stretching to stimulate the tendons to be more flexible and ready for more intense and intense training. It takes about 5 minutes. In total, the warm-up process takes about 13 and a half minutes before training.

2. Training in this section may take several hours. But the basis of training is the training of body movements according to the nature of the movement. Each obstacle has a movement across it that may have different body alignment patterns. Different types of dangling obstacles with different methods. Wall running has a running technique as well. Much of the foundation lies in getting the FreeRunning athletes to get used to the poses of all kinds of obstacles. before ending with a real running practice The running routes are set differently each day.

3. Cooldown It is another part that requires a lot of focus on training. because the muscles are being used hard The cooldown must also be taken very seriously in order to loosen the muscles from injury after training. The cooldown uses static stretching, i.e. stretch and hold for 20-30 seconds, with the final step taking about 10-15 minutes.

Who can play FreeRunning ?

Although it is one of the sports But those who play this sport need some background in running. especially running fast Because the muscles will be ready to train well. Including the physical condition that should have passed some muscle training courses Therefore, the FreeRunning sports training will see the progress clearly. And reduce the risk of muscle injury caused by training as another way.