I want to be a good basketball player. Must have shoes

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One of the world’s most popular sports that many people like to bet on. No one knows the sport of basketball. The charm of playing tricks Fierce NBA players causing a number of amateur athletes to turn their attention to learning to play more When playing at the beginning of training does not require much formality. So many people can play together. But it’s important for every sport that doesn’t look through it is that exercise equipment is appropriate for each sport. So a good pair of basketball shoes will make you a great basketball player in the future.

How to choose basketball shoes according to the style of beginners

Good basketball shoes don’t always have to be expensive. But must be suitable for the body and the conditions of use of the athletes themselves. But there are many more details on how to buy shoes. If you are an amateur and don’t know how to choose, let’s consider each one individually.

1. Type of shoes Choose shoes primarily for basketball. If you are a beginner There is no need to choose an exorbitant price. But should focus on shoes that can absorb the impact well would be more appropriate.

2.reasonable price If you’re not a professional athlete who has to use the latest, best shoes, there’s no reason to go for shoes that are too expensive. It’s best to set a budget in the first place and choose shoes that you can afford to make a lot of sense.

3. Athlete’s foot size and shape Sports shoes should be chosen to fit your feet. Should not choose a little loose. Because when used for a while, the shoes will expand a little already. Wear it and walk and you will feel that the shoes support your weight or not. Is it suitable for your body? If you want to buy it, you have to try it on.

4. Durability, although it is recommended to buy shoes that are not very expensive. But should not choose a low price at all. Because the shoes are cheap, the durability is inferior. Choose a mid-range price and wear it that suits you in every dimension better.

5. Insole Basketball shoes generally have 2 types of sole to choose from: foam and air. The foam is a rubber-like sole to absorb the weight and impact well enough. less durability The air type will absorb the impact better. Longer service life If you change shoes often, choose a foam sole. But if you plan to use it for a long time, choose a better air conditioner floor.

6. Shape and beauty Although not very useful in terms of use But its shape and beauty are a descriptor of your own taste and style. If possible, choose both quality and beauty together.

How hard is it? must know the care ufabet

After using basketball shoes, be sure to put them in a well-ventilated place. Should not be placed in a damp place because it will cause mold easily because sports shoes already have moisture from sweat caused by sports. You should wash them twice a month to deal with odors and bacteria. If there is a shoe shape, then put it in order to prevent the shoe from deforming. Choose to take care of it. Your lover’s shoes will last you a long time.