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A popular sport in many countries in the world, has made many world-class football tournaments. Especially the World Cup, which is one of the most watched sports games in the world. I believe that many people already know the rules of football. Because watching football games often, but if anyone still does not understand or want to get to know more about this sport You can read the history and rules of football that we have gathered here.


football history

The beginning of football There is no clear evidence of where it came from. Because each nation is different to confirm that their country is a country of origin, such as Italy and France, it has played Zule or Giocco del Casio, which has rules similar to football, etc.

          However, the beginning of football with evidence. Officially, starting from 1863 (B.E. 2463) in England. The English Football Association was formed that year. And the first football league competition started in 1888 (1888) and the first international competition started in 1889 (1889)

          . In 1904, the International Football Confederation (FIFA) was founded and the first World Cup was played in 1930 in Uruguay.


          pitches Football pitches are not exactly sized because each field may have unequal area but has defined a length, width of about 100-130 yards, and a width of approximately 50-100 yards, by dividing the boundary into two equal sides, with a door size 8 yards wide, 8 feet high, with a penalty area, which is counted away from Goals are 18 yards away from the football field. You can use real grass or artificial grass.


          Balls Football balls have a spherical shape. Measuring the circumference of no more than 27-28 inches and weighing 400-450 grams

The football players.

          There are 11 people on each side, one of which is the goalkeeper, responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring goals.

How to play soccer

          Players will play mainly with their feet. It can use organs other than arms and hands. to play with with the goal is to score goals against the opponent.

football score calculation          

counted from the number of soccer balls that go through the goal line in full within the time limit in the competition (90 minutes)